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Set up your BSA MyScouting Account

   Through your personal MyScouting account you will have access to Scouting resources and information on training, advancement, rechartering and National BSA events. MyScouting was created to better support your role in Scouting. Over time, new resources will be added and you will be able to see content specific to your position/rank. MyScouting will also be used to improve communication directly with you, our dedicated and hard-working members. Click the link below to sign up. You will need your membership number from your membership card to set up your account.

MyScouting Account Sign up

     If you do not have your membership number select "I am not a member". You can return to update your profile with your membership number when you have it. To obtain your membership number contact your unit leader in charge of registration for your membership card. You can also contact Baltimore Area Council registrar Kathy Hull, for your membership number if you are unable to locate your card.